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By Steff | May 21, 2021

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my blog!

Going forward, I’ll post about my writing journey, my characters, my work, my inspiration… you name it. But first, I thought it might be best to give you all a picture of who I am. Who is sitting behind the screen, tapping on the keyboard right now? Why should you care about my writing journey if you don’t know me?

My name is Steff. I’ve lived in New England my entire life. As much as I want to get out and explore new places, life has always gotten in the way of my being able to do that. Someday, I hope to travel the world. Thus far, I’ve only made it to Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, and Florida… plus all the New England states. Someday. *Sigh*

These people are the lights of my life:

I’m lucky to have found someone who supports me and my dreams unconditionally. My poor husband listens to me go on and on about my stories without complaint, picks up the slack so I can sit upstairs and write, and encourages me without fail. My son Ari is a whirlwind of personality. He’s one of the most compassionate people I know, and I’m more proud of him than I can say. Smiling on the left we have Rosie dog. My writing companion, best friend, and the sweetest floof ever to grace the planet.

Some of my favorite things are dogs, comfy sweaters, cozy blankets (the more the better, to my husband’s chagrin), running (although I can’t anymore thanks to a lingering injury. Boo.), food of all kinds, books, music (soft rock is my favorite but my tastes are eclectic), long drives, and COFFEE. Into the Fire was fueled by countless cups of coffee. I love to be outdoors and I love all four seasons. My favorite places are the White Mountains, where Into the Fire is set, and Martha’s Vineyard. I could stay in either one of those places forever and be perfectly happy.

If I’m not doing anything writing- or reading-related, I’m probably playing hockey with my son, walking the dog, working out, spending time with friends, or enjoying the nature around my home. As much as I want to travel the world, I adore my little slice of it. My fondness for the forests and mountains of New Hampshire probably influenced Into the Fire’s setting, though I can’t say I ‘chose’ to set it here. The process of writing Into the Fire was more like uncovering something that already existed than it was me making choices – at least through the first draft.

I’ve wanted to be a novelist ever since I was old enough for people to ask “What do you want to be when you grow up, Steff?” At 32 years old, I’ve reconnected with a passion of mine that I will never let go of again. Writing makes me happy – happier than anything, besides my friends and family. My main goal as a writer is to share these stories, these characters that I’m so passionate about with others. Would I say no to fame and fortune? Of course not! But if I’m lucky enough to connect with readers… if my stories, my characters stir their hearts as they’ve stirred mine… that’s what I dream of more than anything.

I hope this post has given you some insight into who I am as a person. My next post is going to be about what it was like to type “The End” on the last page of a novel-length manuscript, and will give aspiring authors tips on how I was able to do this. (In five months – even with an insane ‘real-life’ schedule getting in the way!)

6 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Laurie Medrek

    Dear Steff, how wonderful to find such a passion. I can’t wait to read the series and see what’s been bubbling up all these years. Maybe the next trilogy can be set in Martha’s Vineyard. I’ll be happy to be the research assistant!! Congratulations on your journey.

    1. Steff Post author

      Thank you Laurie <3 You know MV has my heart! I'm 100% sure something I write will be set there. Maybe the pirate queen series that's percolating in the back of my mind as I work on Into the Fire.

  2. Jerry Briggs

    My best wishes go out to you, Steff. Writing hopefully will possess you and your soul, and you and your family can benefit from your new perspectives. The field in which you compete is loaded with talent: let’s hope yours stands out and gets recognition. I’m a male, and usually read thrillers with male leads. Yours looks like it will have a feminine heroine: good! I certainly have enjoyed Russell Blake’s ‘Jet’ stories. She stands up to any man, for sure! Again, my best wishes for your success that is going to surely come!

    1. Steff Post author

      Hi Jerry! Thank you so much for the kind words! I can tell you writing has already possessed me and my soul in the best way 🙂 And yes, I love a strong female lead! I’ll have to check out Russell Blake ASAP. Jet looks wonderful.


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