Stefanie Medrek - Into the Fire

Into the Fire

If eighteen-year-old Melanie Snow can’t unravel the believed cover-up of her parents’ sudden deaths, she’ll never be able to move on. She’s certain their former employer, a government-contracted weapons manufacturer, is involved. Rebellious, impulsive, and desperate for answers, she takes a job at the company’s New Hampshire headquarters, determined to uncover the truth.

On the morning of her first day of work, Mel meets the mysterious and oh-so-attractive Tommy, who seems drawn to her yet oddly lies about where he lives. As their relationship deepens, he confides he is the sole witness of her parents’ murder—at the hands of those she suspected all along.

When Mel discovers that Tommy is part of an underground Resistance against the dangerous network of criminals responsible, she must choose: risk her life and sacrifice her freedom to bring down her parents’ killers, or live with the knowledge they will never suffer the justice they deserve.