Stefanie Medrek - Into the Fire

Into the Fire

For five years, Mel has grieved. Waited. Planned.

She’s certain her parents’ employer, a government-contracted weapons manufacturer, is covering something up regarding their deaths. Desperate for answers, she takes a job at the company’s New Hampshire headquarters. If she can’t uncover the truth, she’ll never be able to move on.

When Mel’s mysterious new friend Tommy shows up at her condo in the middle of the night, she learns her parents were murdered – by the very people she suspected all along. Not only that, but thanks to her snooping, Mel’s become their newest target.

Sole witness of the crime, Tommy is haunted by what he saw. He wants nothing more than to keep Mel from meeting the same violent end. However, Mel cannot rest until she’s brought her parents’ killers to justice.

What neither of them expect is for the fate of millions to rest on their shoulders.