Stefanie Medrek - Into the Fire

Into the Fire

Eighteen-year-old Melanie Snow has finally received police reports from the night her parents died.

Their employer, a government-contracted weapons manufacturer called Levett Technologies, swears the deaths were a tragic workplace accident, but Mel finds discrepancies in the reports that don’t make sense. Her confusion only grows when the authorities refuse to answer her questions.

Determined to untangle what happened, Mel assumes a false identity and takes a job at Levett Tech. Her covert mission is derailed when a mysterious and oh-so-attractive stranger, Tommy, shows up at her door with an ominous warning: They know who you are. Run.

Mel refuses, and Tommy admits he belongs to an underground Resistance dedicated to protecting others from the malignant criminal organization that lurks behind Levett’s patriotic image. Instead of taking Tommy’s advice, Mel sacrifices her freedom to search for the truth from within the Resistance. But to get information, she must earn the group’s trust, which isn’t so easy with a key member fixated on proving she’s a spy.

When Mel’s amateur snooping lands her on trial with the Resistance, she uncovers Levett’s imminent plan to overthrow the government and plunge the nation into chaos by releasing a deadly pathogen into several major cities. The Resistance will not launch a suicide mission to prevent the attack. Mel must make an impossible choice: forfeit her life to stop Levett Tech and avenge her parents on her own or stay safe while innocent blood is spilled.