Stefanie Medrek - Into the Fire

Into the Fire

Mel wants the truth. Tommy just wants to forget. Both are bound to redeem the past.

Eighteen-year-old Melanie Snow is convinced the circumstances surrounding her parents’ death five years earlier were covered up by the weapons corporation they worked for. Determined to find the truth, she infiltrates the company under a false identity and uncovers a homegrown shadow extremist organization in control of some of the deadliest weapons known to man. But when she puts herself at risk, her cover is blown … until a hotter-than-heck stranger changes everything.

Tommy has been part of the Resistance, an underground group determined to stop the radicals at all costs, ever since his parents and their friends, the Snows, were killed by them. When the Snows’ daughter shows up seeking answers and lands herself on the extremists’ radar, he’s got a chance to make up for what he couldn’t do five years ago—save their parents’ lives. She’s also the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. Risking exposure, he brings Mel into the fold against the wishes of everyone else in the Resistance.

But there’s no time to waste when the small band of fighters discover the organization’s plot to unleash a bioagent so deadly it could end life as they know it. Finding a bravery within herself she never knew she had, Mel leads her friends in a race to avenge her parent’s death and stop the destruction of everything she holds dear.