Stefanie Medrek: Into the Fire

Into the Fire

Mel wants the truth. Tommy wants to forget. Both are bound to redeem the past.

Eighteen-year-old Melanie Snow is convinced the circumstances surrounding her parents’ accidental death five years earlier were covered up by the weapons corporation they worked for. Determined to find out why, she infiltrates the company under a false identity and ends up centered in the crosshairs of a homegrown shadow extremist group in control of some of the deadliest weapons known to man. Her cover is blown … until a hotter-than-heck stranger changes everything.

Tommy has belonged to the Resistance ever since his parents and their friends, the Snows, were interrogated and killed by the radicals known as the Organization right in front of him. When the Snows’ daughter shows up years later seeking information and lands herself on the Organization’s radar, he’s got a chance to make up for failing to save their lives. Mel’s kind, and beautiful, and understands his grief better than anyone, yet none of these reasons are why he must go against orders and protect her. He owes her parents a life debt.

But when Tommy risks exposure to warn Mel of the danger she’s in, she doesn’t flee, instead sacrificing her freedom to search for the truth from within the Resistance. And as she gets closer to unraveling what happened that night and why, she realizes there’s much more at stake than love or revenge.